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Parish Records

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Parish Records

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As well as the registers for BM and D, Parish Records can provide a wealth of info via things like the Parish Chest. It is possible to find out info about Bastardy Orders, Removal Orders and many other records pertaining to the Village/Town.

When you next visit your Local Records Office, and in particular if you are struggling to find the info you want on a person, ask what other Parish records the Office holds.
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Re: Parish Records

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You could of course look at their catalogue and research guides before turning up at the offices, that is always a good idea.
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Re: Parish Records

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Findmypast seem to have forged closer links with Kent archives. Looking for a baptism in Strood, Kent, FMP listed a likely candidate, and when I clicked on the link, I was redirected to Kent ARC, who then presented me with a PDF file of all Strood baptisms for the period 1848-1915 (I think dates are correct). I was able to download this PDF, which contained the images of ALL baptisms for the period. The same thing happened when I searched for Higham, Kent.

Having downloaded the PDFs, I can now browse these registers at will, and this is certainly a lot faster than scrolling through the images via FMP :D
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