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James Dallimore, my sixth great grandfather

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James Dallimore, my sixth great grandfather

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Hi everyone,

This is something I posted about on the old forum, but it has since gained a bit more confusion and a few extra bricks to the wall!

My sixth great grandfather, James Dallimore, seemingly spent a large part of his life living in South Wraxall, Wiltshire, however, I am unable to find any information as to where he could have been born and who his parents were, etc. All I do know is that he was born in around 1760, according to his death/burial record.

There are a couple of apprenticeship records from 1784 which have him located in Wraxall and he first appears to begin having children in 1786 with a woman called Mary, with a daughter called Ann and then Thomas a year later (all of his children were recorded as having been born in Wraxall), Mary then disappears and a year later he has a son called George with a woman called Elizabeth (George is my fifth great grandfather and Elizabeth my sixth great grandmother - also, there is apparently no marriage records for Mary and Elizabeth), with Elizabeth James then had William, 1790, Elizabeth, 1791, and Robert, 1794 and a year later Elizabeth passed away, no indication as to when she was born.
In 1796 James had an illegitimate son called William Mizen Doggett with Hannah Mizen Doggett.
In 1798, James married Esther Tanner and had Esther, 1798 and Lettia, 1800, and Esther Sr also passed away in 1800.
In 1802 James married Eleanor Hayward and had Robert, 1804 and Joyce, 1806.
I don't know if he had anymore children, or wives after this year, but it wouldn't be a major shock if he did!
I'm almost certain that he was arrested in 1825 and taken to the gaol at Devizes and two years later he was dead.
I'm certain that he is the father of this fairly large brood, because he was a labourer and it states so on all of the baptism records.
The problems I have had begin with the first two wives, if they were even married!
The other problem is finding out who his parents were and where he was from.

Any help with this would be massively appreciated.

P.S, any trees on any sites that have recorded Elizabeth's maiden name as 'Lavent' are, in my opinion, extremely wrong! The baptism record for George, 1788, has the occupation of the fathers of all baptisms on the document after the parent's names and they are somewhat abbreviated, but the writing is a bit jumbled in places.

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