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What has happened to Family Search?

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Re: What has happened to Family Search?

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VALLMO9 wrote:
10 Sep 2021, 16:02
We are not alone.....https://community.familysearch.org/en/d ... -interface
I just read a few of the above mentioned comments, and I had a sense of deja vu!

Whilst searching on FMP for census results for an individual, I saw there were 2 results available for 1851. Great I thought, just what I was after, but when I clicked to view them, I was then told there were no results available -eh? Tried again and it still showed 2 results available for 1851, but yet again clicked on them to be told there were none available -aaargh.

This happens far too often, so somethings not right in the state of denmark :D

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