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by devonliz
04 Sep 2021, 21:55
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Topic: Burial Management System
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Re: Burial Management System

Yeah, well, good luck with that! The Google backpack cameras may work very well in a nice orderly graveyard where every inscription is visible, but it will be a much slower process in an old graveyard where the stones have fallen over or been eroded. And not all the burial records will be easy to tr...
by devonliz
13 May 2021, 11:27
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Topic: Elizabeth or Eliza DEAN
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Re: Elizabeth or Eliza DEAN

Indeed, if she had post-natal depression she may have been an inmate in a nearby institution.
by devonliz
30 Apr 2021, 14:39
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Topic: Scottish Legal Dictionary
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Scottish Legal Dictionary

I needed to look up some terms in a Scottish document that mentioned my ancestor, and found this book very useful: A Dictionary and Digest of the Law of Scotland, With Short Explanations of the Most Ordinary English Law Terms. To which is Added a Supplement, Containing an Analysis of the Court of Se...
by devonliz
30 Apr 2021, 14:32
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Topic: The Death and Burial Question
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Re: The Death and Burial Question

I am referring below to some 19th-century gravestones: I have just completed a study of the people listed on my old 'family gravestone', which covered three generations. I believe that my great-grandfather compiled the names and dates of his family to have them inscribed on a marble stone that had b...
by devonliz
30 Apr 2021, 14:18
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Topic: IOM Marriage for London-based Couple
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Re: IOM Marriage for London-based Couple

It was popular place for holidays, and the wedding in question was in August ..... The IOM newspapers are online, and I found an ancestor listed every year in the 1880s under the guesthouse where he was staying. He did meet his future wife there; she was from Yorkshire, he was from Ireland. https://...
by devonliz
23 Apr 2021, 22:52
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Topic: Glossary
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Re: Glossary

The address seems to have been corrupted - it should be http://www.opcdorset.org/fordingtondors ... ssary.html
Very useful, thanks!
by devonliz
24 Mar 2021, 09:27
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Topic: Daft transcriptions
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Re: Daft transcriptions

Well, a ‘cheese turner’ would be the person who turns those wheels of cheese in the racks ... same for champagne bottles I guess. When looking up some wills recently, I discovered that Family Search had listed the executors as the beneficiaries, quite misleading if I had not already found the full t...
by devonliz
11 Mar 2021, 09:22
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Topic: ITV confirms the line up for the brand new series of DNA Journey
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Re: ITV confirms the line up for the brand new series of DNA Journey

Silly me! I watched the first edition of the series on BBC with a similar title, and then the Rednapp/Flintoff show on ITV last night --- what a huge disappointment! Given the chance to explain, even in very simple terms, what is entailed in taking a DNA test, and then the laboratory tests and the c...
by devonliz
10 Mar 2021, 19:00
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Topic: Census 2021
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Re: Census 2021

Well, we have recently received a leaflet through the post with the census instructions. It's intriguing that we are instructed to include people who usually live here, even if they are away from home on the night. If that person is visiting someone else overnight, they should be included as a visit...
by devonliz
10 Mar 2021, 18:07
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Topic: Albert Roberts
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Re: Albert Roberts

First, I would say that the final digit in 1787 looks more like a 4 to me. How casual some of these clerks were! Second, is this man a member of the notable Roberts family whose grandfather John Roberts (of Witheridge, not far from Tiverton) was reported as having 30 grandsons serving in the Great W...