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Lancaster Bombers

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Mick Loney
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Lancaster Bombers

Post by Mick Loney »

Around 1948-1950, my parents took me back to Calne, Wilstshire, where mum and my sister were evacuated, and I was born!
Whilst there, I remember dad driving around the area, and we passed alongside an airfield where lots of Lancaster Bombers were lined up against the fence. It always stuck in my mind as there seemed to be dozens of them, and Lancasters and Spitfires were always my favourite warplanes :D

It was obviously an RAF base, but not sure which one it was, but RAF Lyneham seems the most likely.

Any moonrakers on here who know the area, and can confirm whether the old Lancasters were taken there after the war? A photo would be bonus.
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Re: Lancaster Bombers

Post by VALLMO9 »

The nearest RAF airfields to Calne were Yatesbury and Townsend. Both were used for storage purposes after the war. In fact, Yatesbury stored Tiger Moths and de Havilands. Yatesbury is about 4 miles east of Calne, and Townsend is just due north of Yatesbury.

On a side note, I've been in one of the hangars at RAF Kemble in Wiltshire (for work-related purposes). :D It was being used for storage when I visited in late 1998.
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Re: Lancaster Bombers

Post by meekhcs »

IBBC at Lincoln may be able to answer your query https://internationalbcc.co.uk/
It has only been open a few years but has already amassed a huge knowledge base and are extremely helpful.
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